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Come to us to experience the expert treatment for your machinery. From inspection to repair, we ensure that the job done is top-notch and that you do not have to think about your machinery’s health anymore.

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Process Valve

It is one of the important components of the machine to control temperature and requires the hands of the experts to get it fixed. Ask us how we can help you.


Valve Repair & Modification

Delayed Coker Valves

Delayed coking is an important step in the production of petroleum and its proper maintenance is ensure that there is no residue wasted. Our experts know how to approach the various problems related to it.

Hydrostatic Testing

It is one of the important tests that assess the integrity of the pipe and any fault in it would result in the malfunctioning of the whole infrastructure. So, take no risks and contact us if you find any issues in this department.

Adding new valves to the machine helps you upgrade and get the most out of your current system. This will ensure that you are ahead in the game of production and working at full throttle. We offer consultations about how we can step in.

It is important to have support services when you spend thousands on different machinery and equipment. We promise you the best maintenance and timely checks to ensure that there is never an interruption.


Our piping equipment ensures that there is proper transmission in electronic signals and there is an uninterrupted work cycle that makes your business works at full throttle.
Cased-hole logging helps the operator to obtain data on the machinery that is in the running. It helps diagnose quicker.

Pipe Recovery

Found a malfunction in the pipe? Our expert will get to the root of the problem and fix all the related problems as well.

Specialty Services

Is there some specific modification that you are looking for? Ask our consultant and they are let you know how we can help you.

Over 100 Years Experience​

We have decades of experience in this industry and have only experts on our team. We value our relationships with the customers and ensure that there are no inconveniences.


Signs You Need Ball Valve Repair

#1 – Ball Valve Jamming

This is one of the first major signs that the time is ticking and you have to get your machinery checked.

#2 – A Ball Valve That Fails to Cycle

Any malfunction in the valve leads to a pause in the whole machinery. Prevent this by getting regular maintenance done.

#3 – A Closed Ball Valve That Leaks

Leaky valves are dangerous and they must be addressed right away. Contact our experts and we will address the problem right away.

Quality Repairs

Using Original Parts

Engineering Service

Maintenance Services

From the smallest of repairs to the biggest replacements, you can trust us to make the changes. We use only the best parts available in the market.

full responsibility

Device Management

Looking for someone to manage your equipment? Our company also offers you manpower to support the smooth functioning of your devices.

What Our Customers Are Saying


“I appreciate their timely actions and how they stuck to the deadlines.”


“I have been their client for the past fifteen years and I can vouch for your expertise.”

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